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About Kelly

Kelly Cole is a born and bred New Yorker and fitness entrepreneur based in Brooklyn NY.  She is both a NASM personal trainer and pre/postnatal certified.

With a competitive cheerleading background of 12+ years, and an additional 6+ years working solely in fitness here in NYC, Kelly has always been an athlete and passionate about an active lifestyle.  Kelly is a veteran instructor at well-known megaformer pilates studio in NYC, SLT, and has poured her heart and soul into creating her very own class method, Time Under Tension, which you can access anytime/anywhere through her on demand library.


Kelly created Time Under Tension when the pandemic hit and she was missing not only the slow burn of the pilates movements, but also the use of heavy tension that the megaformer provides.  She found most pilates style classes lacked the intensity she was looking for, and most traditional bootcamp classes were too high impact for her taste. Cue Time Under Tension. The method combines the use of strength training, pilates based movements and cardio pushes. With an acute focus on tempo, you will work both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers for a truly full body burn. Think, slow and fast movements, both designed to elevate your heart rate. High intensity, lower impact, an athletic approach to pilates.


As a soon to be mom of 2, Kelly is a big believer that your time is extremely valuable and hates wasting it - through effective programming and great music, Kelly will ensure each minute is well spent, whether you take a 10 minute or 55 minute class.

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