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Kelly is the best there is! I have been a client of hers for a while now and she has made such a difference. Not only am I stronger and leaner, but my overall fitness level has improved. Her workouts are challenging and effective. She pays attention to my form and all the details, which has kept my body safe and healthy. Kelly is constantly pushing and motivating me. There is no one else like her!

Katrina M

I started working with Kelly 1x1 during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Even though we were working together virtually, I felt as if she was right there beside me. She provided a space for me to focus on myself during times when I most needed it and constantly pushed me to realize my own strength and confidence. Kelly formulates workouts that are challenging and fun. Whether you have weights and bands, or are limited to household objects, Kelly's knowledge, energy, and passion will make you both sweat and smile.
I absolutely love Kelly's classes and genuinely feel they are the best workout for my body. The energy she brings (including the best music) along with the challenge of the classes make them engaging and highly rewarding every single class. I account Kelly's classes to getting my body back to where it was pre baby, and finding more strength then I actually realized I ever had! I love her classes so much and highly recommend to everyone if you want a serious challenge and to feel stronger week by week, baby or no baby!


Kelly was recommended to me as the star SLT instructor that also teaches privately, and I have been so happy working with her! She has been training me privately during my pregnancy, but | am happy to report that doesn't mean she goes easy on me. While she is incredibly cognizant and aware of what workouts are safe and healthy for my body during pregnancy, she also pushes me and keeps me moving and in shape. She is very motivating and incredibly fun to work with, but also always keeps an eye on my form, which I need and appreciate! I will absolutely be working with her once my pregnancy is over, as the combination of her motivating spirit, knowledge of the body and form, and varied and interesting workout routines make the days I train with her my best workouts!


I found Kelly randomly scrolling through Instagram looking for a personal trainer. I was newly pregnant during a pandemic so my dream of going to pre-natal fitness classes with other expecting moms was not in the cards. Learning that Kelly was also pregnant made it that much easier to choose her knowing she would have my safety and needs as a top priority. I was honestly skeptical doing zoom workouts because let's be real can you truly help a person you're not in the same room with? Well I was wrong! Pregnant or not pregnant, Kelly will kick your butt. And I say that in a good way. I worked out with Kelly until right before she delivered her baby. Through our workouts she modified our routines weekly to accommodate my growing bump and helped to correct my form to give me the best results. If vou're looking to invest in yourself and get in shape without excuses then I highly recommend Kelly. Her music playlists are also pretty awesome!


Kelly was amazing to train with remotely, especially while pregnant! Even in my third trimester, she was able to create varied relevant workouts to help prep my body and stamina for labor, all the while checking and correcting my form and suggesting modifications when needed. I look forward to training with her in person once back in NYC!

Stephanie F

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